If you are looking for a download link for Clash of Clans on Windows Phone

Thanks! i am obviously following the upgrade everything in Clash of Clans, I maxed out everything I may at th3 before getting to four, i am keeping troops going and offensive after I will. Since my th has alot of power unit perhaps I ought to use the as a choke purpose so that they attack that and not the defenses?
Wow that is some specific thinking mistreatment that TH as a tank for your defenses. Some pretty smart thinking that would be useful once you are at the next th level. undoubtedly a good plan if you do not care a lot of concerning trophies. conjointly appears like you are mistreatment barch for faming that may be a nice strategy!
I think your base is tight however honestly at Windows Phone devices it does not matter as a result of you'll get most of the loot you lost back in one raid. If you wish you'll try and swap that elixir that is alone in this compartment with a cannon or archer tower to undertake and keep your loot from being taken.

First thing is i had to seem at what barch means that, looks to mean barbarians and archers, i am mistreatment it as a result of I solely have five units that i will train presently, lol but I will see the advantages, since they're low-cost build|to form|to create} and mistreatment power of numbers you'll simply one or two star bases (if not 3) then quickly make additional for an additional attack.

The other factor is farm over trophies. My friends are taking part in quite an whereas and that i am presently in their kinship group, however i am unable to participate in any kinship group wars nevertheless. i do know I even have the simplest way to travel before I reach having the ability to assist, as well as get near their level, however to succeed in it faster is it higher to specialize in farm over trophies?
My thinking is keeping the farm thus I will updgrade stuff the quickest, and having nice base defense whereas mistreatment barch maneuver can keep my trophies ascension.
Hey there, Im a Windows Phone user thus this Clash of Clans game is sort of a million miles off from me however i will provide you with some recommendation.
The big factor at TH four is have that mortar centred! i am simply curious by your base whether or not you're trying to stay resources or keep trophies (Farming or Trophy Pushing) the most distinction between the 2 is that the TH being placed on the skin or on the within.
Farming is once your government building is outside and every one your resource storages square measure well protected whereas trophy pushing is that the alternative method spherical. By swing your TH outside the assailant can get a straightforward win, you may get a defend (12hrs) and you may solely loose many trophies.

As a lower TH your base is pretty arduous to defend, the sole factor I will say would be to upgrade those defences, walls and add many additional compartments thus its not one massive compartment. most significant have fun!
My goal, (aside from having fun and learning the game) is to be able to reach a degree wherever I will assist my kinship groupmates in clan wars. i do know I wont catch them and that i have an extended (but fun) road before ME, however in doing thus I assume resources initial thus I will level stuff up quicker and acquire trophies within the mean time?

And finally here is the download link for Clash of Clans on Windows Phone 7 and 8 for you for resources/trophies as which will disable the defend...
Based on the information i am thinking i would switch the elixer storage thats in its compartment with the TH, its still defended, however sick keep additional resources